Send your wishes to the sky

Will your 2012 New Year‘s wishes have a higher chance of coming true if you sent it to the heavens in the sky?  HP believes it would be a success with their Twitter Wisher project.  Anyone who visits the site and tweets using the hashtag ‘#everybody2012′ will have their wishes printed on a balloon and launched from their Dubai headquarters.  It’s a novel and inspiring idea, like how people use to hang their hand written wishes onto trees and stuff them into bottles and send them out to sea.  With HP, each balloon will have a unique code that can be entered into the website for mapping purposes when someone comes across your floating balloon of wishes.  It’s amazing to think that a single balloon, a single wish, can have the possibility of connecting two people from across the world.  Imagine how people use to communicate by sending love letters carried by birds or sent across the ocean in bottles.  Do you think that someone can find love through this project?  As a hopeless romantic, I think it could happen.  🙂  However, balloons may not be so friendly for our environment and wild life.

What if HP reworked their marketing campaign where anyone interested in submitting a wish would enter in their address anonymously.  Then on a certain date/time, HP will print everyone’s wish on postcards and mail it off to another country.  That could be pretty cool. 🙂

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