“Moonbathing” – a word can paint a poem

Have you ever been drawn to a single word or phrase that speaks to you?  Maybe the word conjures up a special memory, maybe it paints a beautiful picture in your mind, or maybe it just rolls of your tongue.  Let that word linger in your mind, let it take you somewhere beyond the ordinary.  Pick up your pen, brush, scissor, or whatever tool you want and transform the meaning of that word into something memorable.

For me, that word was “moonbathing” and I heard it on Wednesday night while driving in my car with my brother.  For those that know me, I have a koala beanie in my car called Koala-Wala who has a personality of his own.  Anyhow, my brother flipped him over on his back, exposing his white tummy and said Koala was moonbathing.  When I heard that word, it just spoke to me, I felt it in my spine.  A thousand images popped into my mind and I knew I had to write a poem about it.  Here goes:


Whistling throughout the night,
the wind rustles the trees,
the grass, my glistening
fur coat
as I lie
on the wet soil, sniffing
the air, refreshing
after the last rainfall.

Crystal droplets gleam
in the moonlight.
The crickets chant
vibrates in my ear,
melodic, soothing, hypnotic.
as white light dances
in the water.
Ripples of beauty
cascading throughout the pond,
and then I see her.

The small of her back, exposed
above a silky fabric
gently floating in the air.
Skin so smooth, so white,
like porcelain,
so very, very cold.
Her body drifts toward me,
glistening in the moonlight.
Under the twinkles
in the sky,
her soul will be reborn.

I close my eyes and howl.

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