Love Thy Knee

Hold me, love me
wrap me up and hug me,
kiss me, feel me,
cherish and protect me,
truly, truly
get to know me.

Study the way I walk,
know the way I work,
For you I’ll bounce back up.
I’ll bend and twist
to find the right path.
I’ll walk for you,
but be gentle with me
for I am fragile
just like life.
I can break and I can fall,
so understand me.

Love me
without force,
without pressure,
wrap me up
and protect me.
Love me,
Love thy knee.

Many people don’t cherish what they have until something goes amiss.  Sometimes they do cherish what they have, but they want to challenge themselves and go beyond what they imagined they could do.  For me, what happened yesterday was due to the latter.  I have always had knee problems, but just yesterday, I tried shooting a basketball using a stance I shouldn’t have.  I wasn’t confident in it, but with a little encouragement from someone I cared about, I took the risk and ended up spraining my knee.  Of course, it’ll probably be swollen for two weeks, and I am sad.  However, there is always something to learn from your actions.  For today, that is to accept who are and what you have and make the most of it.  Things could always be much worst.  Knowing to accept who you are gives you a head start on everyone else, as you know what you are capable of, know what you should cherish, and can follow your dreams before it’s too late.  We are all “Perfectly Imperfect” as stated in a poem I wrote 2.5 years ago, when I was in the exact same situation, so cherish your flaws.  Love thyself.

Perfectly Imperfect

A loose carpet, a crack in the street
and KABAM, she falls –
bleeding internally, she grins
like nothing has happened
because it has happened
so many times before
and will …
many times more.

Her sorrow
no one truly understands
as she tries to do
all that everyone else can.
Staying healthy, staying happy,
concealing her knees
behind jeans and skirts,
perfecting the imperfect limp
and bearing it all,
smiling like a doll

as she lies on the floor,
and stares at the ceiling.
It’s a different state of mind,
a different state of being.
With her legs propped up,
stiff as a stick,
swollen and heavy,
she thinks to herself,
what a wonderful life …

if she could run
like the wind
and be MVP,
but knees don’t heal

To be normal,
to be all that she is
and wants to be,
she puts on her braces
and smiles once more
for now she is normal,
somewhat …
as she cries inside,
nobody knows
because nobody’s

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