Why I’m an artist and not a designer

A designer friend once said that I was an artist and not a designer.  When he first said that, I was a little offended since I did major in graphic design.  However; as I carefully considered his words, it really made sense.  I am more inspired when creating something for myself or a loved one, over creating something for a corporation.  I strongly believe that what speaks to an individual will speak to the masses if communicated in the right manner.  Emotions, ideas and philosophies can be captured with vivid colors and imagery that portray an appealing story for one’s eyes and mind.  Modern design can incorporate such an experience, but it takes a very talented designer to create such a thing.  Unfortunately, I’m not that talented, so I do take more pleasure in creating for the individual.  By conjuring up an idea, a feeling or a memory from my mind and transforming it into a physical form, whether in poetic words, a comic strip, a painting or a sculpture, I hope to instill in others that same momentary feeling that I had.  To bring a viewer or reader into her world is the goal of an artist.  Through bringing them into my world, they can temporarily escape from theirs and open their mind to something new and exciting.

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