Not Even the Trees

*Be inspired with The Inspirational Circle.  As an example for this month’s theme of reflection – here is a poem I wrote a while back that was inspired by Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Not Even the Trees.”

Not Even the Trees

Steel-toed boots, high-heeled shoes,
K*Swiss, Nike, Doc Martins

Soles on wet pavement
taking step after step,
long-legged strides,
some in jeans, some in skirts.

Soles on reflected orange lights,
shimmering green, flickering yellow.
What does it mean?
The meaning is lost.

Owners of soles
on the same path.
North, South, East, West,
they converge and diverge,
but it’s still the same path.

Through raindrops on wet pavement,
passed storefronts and passing cars,

longing for merchandise,
longing for the past.
Heads bowed down
staring at puddles
of memory,
of emotion.

The soles walk on,
seeing but not seen,
seen but not seeing,
in the dark, dark night.

The wind whispers
to the trees
and the trees
whisper back,
pondering, contemplating
the meaning
and the meaning
is lost.

* Like what you see?  I will be posting more poems and images with the theme of reflection, along with other talented artists and writers.  Have some work you would like to submit as part of the circle?  Come join us on Facebook or post it on my WordPress blog! 🙂  I invite you to be inspired!

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