Brie, Like the Cheese – Pet Photography

Any pet photographer would say the key to taking good photos is speed, as animals move extremely quick.  You only have a few seconds to aim, frame and shoot before they strike another pose.  Sometimes you can just snap, snap, snap and worry about the outcome later.  It’s a very fun and spontaneous activity.  This is what I learned and experienced at my first impromptu pet photography session at my friend’s house with his dog Brie.

Brie is a very active and intelligent dog with lots of interesting expressions.  The best expression can be captured if you are face-level with her, but you can have some good shots from other angles as well.  She has two signature moves, the “classic beg” and the “kung-fu palm,” both of which are captured in the images below.  She also has beautiful eyes and long lashes, or as I like to call them, “eye whiskers.”  I hope you enjoy these whimsical shots! 🙂

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