The Photo Ventures of Luffy & Zolo

Itching for the touch of the keyboard against my fingertips, I wanted to reach for my laptop, but my eyes and brain were crying “stop!”  Strained and tired from release night last Thursday, my eyes and mind really needed a break from additive light, whether it’s from a computer screen or a television.  It’s amazing that most indoor solo activities in the 21st century requires the use of your eye or brain, from movies to video games to reading to blogging.  Even my cell phone beckons me to go on Facebook.

Alas, I abstained and found some dominoes to build a structure.  Then I found a Luffy to destroy the structure.  Next, I grabbed my SLR to capture this random moment and the photo session began 🙂  With two One Piece action figures (Luffy and Zolo) which I received from a Secret Santa exchange in 2008, pages from my “Simple Moments of Beauty” Shutterfly calendar as backdrops, and my camera in hand, I brought the world of Luffy and Zolo into life.  Boy, did this remind me of how much I enjoyed toy photography, bringing little figurines into life and something that we can relate to.  I hope you enjoy this random collection of photos!


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