Proposal Ideas for Vday

Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air.  Lots of people have anniversaries during this time and some find it, oh so romantic, to make it even more meaningful by popping the question – those 4 little words that can change the lives of 2 people forever (unless you’re a celebrity, of course).

For all those hopeless romantics, myself included, who aren’t made cynical by this popular holiday, here are some cute and creative proposal ideas.  Even if you aren’t planning to pop the question just yet, or not for Vday, you can still consider these ideas 🙂

Proposal Ideas – not in any particular order

  1. Wedding Reflection
    Buy a fancy mirror, a relatively large one, like the size of a painting.  Now get a veil, either real or fake, and paste/attach it to the top of the mirror, leaving an ample opening for her to look through the veil and see her own face.  OK, now wrap up the mirror like a present.  You want her to unwrap it and see her face through the veil in the mirror.  Then come behind her while she sees her reflection, wrap your arms around her with the ring in your hand and pop the question.  How cute, now watch her swoon or gasp in shock.
  2. Scavenger Hunt
    This one is a little more fun for the adventurous or nerdy type.  Tell her you got her a gift.  Leave her notes and clues that lead her to other notes and clues.  Pick and choose what clues you want to give, maybe silly ones or sentimental ones, keep her guessing.  Take her to the fridge, under the bed, in the closet, in the car.  You pick the final destination to reveal the ring.
  3. Key to My Heart
    OK, this one is a little cheesy, but she’ll love it just the same.  Purchase a heart-shaped box that comes with a key. For Vday, give her the key “to your heart” and when she opens it, immediately kneel down and pop the question.
  4. Propose with a Card
    It’s the 21st century, why not propose with a personalized greeting card?  This one would take her by surprise.  Personalize the front with something unique – you can choose whether it’s sweet, sexy, sentimental or funny.  There are lots of choices to choose from on Tiny Prints.  Don’t write the question on the front, but put it on the inside.  The moment she unfolds the card, that’s your cue to get down on your knees!
  5. Photo Book Love
    Lots of men nowadays use photo books as a prop for proposing.  Why?  It shows that you actually want to cherish the memories you have together and would take the time to capture all of that in a keepsake.  Girls love it when their men show how much they appreciate having them in their life.  Use this to your advantage and end the book with a bang – like a simple catch phrase “We’ve had so many beautiful memories together, I can only envision how much more beautiful it will be with you as my wife.”  Then, get down on your knees.  I know a few people who proposed this way.
  6. Mystery Flavor
    If you’re dating an Asian girl who loves buns (like me), go take her to a special shop or bring a bun to her.  Tell her that it’s a mystery bun (or say it’s a special bun made with her favorite topping that can’t be store-bought).  Heck, go ahead and said you read a cook book and learned how to make amazing buns and you just filled it with the most amazing, delicious topping and see if she can guess what it is.  Of course, the bun is empty inside, except for a ring lol.  She’ll be impatient, but tell her to keep eating and she’ll taste the topping soon 🙂  Oh, and of course, the bun would need to taste decent, so she would actually “bite” into the idea.
  7. Hidden Fortune
    What’s up with me and Asian food?  I’m Asian and I love food, that’s why! 😉  Anyhow, sweet tart hearts are lame, but fortune cookies are cool.  Why not put in a slip of “will you marry me?” or “your boyfriend will do something unbelievably stupid right now.”  Then watch her gasp as you go down on your knees.
  8. Box of Chocolates
    Forrest Gump’s mama always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.”  So buy her a box of chocolates, like a normal Vday gift.  Within that box of chocolates, replace one of them with a ring and watch her surprised expression.
  9. Express Yourself
    Are you in love with a creative girl or are you a creative guy that she’s in love with?  If so, then you must express yourself through a video.  Do something you’re good at.  Dress up and act, sing, dance, read a poem, do some comedy.  Make her laugh, smile, chuckle, then turn it up a notch and say how much you love her.  End it with a bang as you get ready to do the signature kneel.  Make it a little personal by giving her a DVD or CD with a specially designed cover and case that can be purchased at your local Target or Office Depot, so she can watch it at home and have a keepsake to hold on to forever.  Or, if you’re daring, post it on YouTube for all to see, or just host it on your private account. 🙂  I know one person who proposed this way.
  10. Dinner + Dancing
    Not up for many of the modern ideas that I proposed?  How about the traditional way of taking her somewhere fancy for dinner and dancing?  Dress up all nice and when she least expects it, under the beautiful scenery and magic, get down on your knees to make it a night to remember.

Those are just some of my random ideas.  Some other ideas that REAL people have done:

  • Proposed on a rollercoaster and timed it so it’ll get captured on film.
  • Proposed outside the church where she had always dreamed of being married at
  • Proposed at a place where they first met
  • Proposed on a cruise
  • Set up an object to be auctioned, purchased it for his girl, and inside the object was the ring

Want to share your idea or story?  How did you propose?  How did he propose?


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