First Night

This month’s Inspirational Circle was based on “love, romance, and passion,” so I decided to fabricate a scene and write a poem that went with it.  Since I’ve been moving this past month, I was unable to find my “groom” doll and succumbed to using Ralph from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a replacement.  Anyhow, I think it’s still an engaging scene, so I hope you enjoy the piece 🙂  I cropped in closer to make it PG-13, as that female doll can be a little revealing.

First Night

Have you ever imagined
how the first night
would be?

Would it be
like a gentle breeze,
a calming of the sea?
Cascading waves
of motion
coming in and out
of shore.

With little gasps,
you are breathless,
taken back
by the magic
of what is now

Or would it be
like a storm?
Fearless and strong
pounding and pounding
vigorously at your door,
a fury of passion
you just can’t resist,
as you gasp for breath
and lose yourself
in the moment,
closing your eyes
to dream,
absorbing the storm
and anticipating
the rainbow.

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