Images taken in NYC that evoke a sense of mood

The theme for this month’s Inspirational Circle was “mood,” and I kept that in mind on my trip to New York, with my eyes wide open, not really knowing what to expect.  The 5 short days immediately flew by, as there was so much to do and experience.  The Manhattan skyline was definitely beautiful and I got some nice shots of it from Top of the Rock and the Brooklyn Bridge.  The City of Lights is an urban beauty.

However; if you travel to the south, you will come across Coney Island and watch the waves crash against the shore as the sun starts to set, and be mesmerized.  The feeling on this island is refreshing and serene, a nice getaway from the hectic city.  Here you can take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, while escaping from all the people.

Aside from beautiful scenery, another place to find a variety of “moods” is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, home of many amazing sculptures and paintings.  Here, you can see human expressions carved skillfully into marble and bronze, as well as engaging uses of chiaroscuro.  You can easily spend 3 hours in this timeless museum admiring centuries of work.

Well, enough said, here are the images 🙂

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