Petals of My Love

Inspiration really does come and go like the wind, so when it arrives, spread your wings and fly.  I haven’t been inspired to write a poem in a while.  I had wanted to write something for this month’s Inspirational Circle’s Floral and Fauna theme, but nothing had come to mind all month.  However, while I was emailing myself a photo of this heart-shaped flower that my boyfriend and I randomly saw on the floor at the Overfelt Gardens, the poem just came to me.  Seeing how beautiful, fragile and imperfect it was made me realize how much it resembled human love.

Petals of My Love

Through the winds and the rain,
and the shivering cold,
we endured so much.

I longed to see you
in every droplet of rain,
hear your voice
in every whisper
of the wind,
feel your touch,
your hand, your lips
in every gentle breeze,
know your smile
in every sunrise,
have you by my side
every day
and every night.

until the heat
of passion
became too much.

As I go away,
I leave a piece of me
that it’ll float
to you.

with love.

A little bit wrinkled,
a little bit green,
jagged at the edges,
but for you,
I leave a loving heart
of sweet tender memories
of bygone days
and passionate nights.

Remember me,
your floral beauty,
imperfectly fragile,
lovingly sweet,
my heart,
imperfectly yours
to keep.

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