Some Rhythmic Repetition

Some Rhythmic Repetition

This month’s Inspirational Circle was “rhythm and repetition” and while I was looking through some of the recent photos in my camera, I thought these were some fun examples.

Photos taken at the Berkeley Marina

Fishing on the deck

Bird, waves, rock, deck – natural rhythm

Photos taken at The Japanese Garden in SF, Legion of Honors & Land’s End

A serene path in the Japanese Garden

Me at the Legion of Honors

I love the forced perspective here







Statues at the Legion of Honors

Railing at the Legion of Honors

Railing at the Legion of Honors

A path along Land’s End

Clay Creations

Clay Creations

After 40 long hours of work each week staring at the computer, it becomes difficult for me to be motivated to use the computer on my time off.  Personal projects and this blog often get put on hold because I’m simply not in the mood to turn on my laptop.  Photos often stay in my camera for a month and a half before I manage to upload them for all to see.

With all this in mind, it becomes really refreshing to be able to do something with my bare hands, to be able to mold, shape and breathe life into an inanimate geometric object.  My boyfriend had bought me some Sculpey clay for Christmas and I recently got more into it while I was making some clay dice for his birthday.  It was then that I realized that the desire to become a “toy designer” never really left my subconscious.  That was my career goal when I was in the 4th grade and I know I can still have fun with that idea today.

Well, without further ado, here are some of my recent creations 🙂

jade turtle and dice

Jade Turtle and Dice

Turtle following turtle

Turtle following turtle

Jenuine Chocolates + Jade Creations


Jenuine Chocolates presented to my boyfriend



Inspirational Circle #6: Rhythm and Repetition

Inspirational Circle #6: Rhythm and Repetition

Remember being given a word, an idea or a theme and using that as inspiration?  Remember the excitement that ran through your mind and traveled to your fingertips as your idea came to life?

The Inspirational Circle is back!  This month’s theme is “rhythm and repetition.”  Let go of your creative block, and let the Inspirational Circle inspire you.  So go ahead and brainstorm brilliant ideas and share them here with your fellow peers on our Facebook Event!

All creative work will be considered – drawing, painting, photography, poetry, prose, mixed media, sculpture, etc.  If you post the work of others as inspiration, please cite the original source to give the artist credit.  Please spread the word and invite others to join in.

Alright, to get started, here are definitions of rhythm and repetition.  This is one of my favorite themes because the idea of rhythm and repetition is all around you, everywhere you look – from stairs, to lakes, to dancing, it just captivates your eyes, your ears and your body.  For a visual artist, an image that captures “rhythm” will let your ears hear music (whether it’s the thumping of footsteps or the sound of running water).  It will make you feel like you were present in the photo, art or writing based on the movement of the piece.  It’s simply beautiful.

Here are some images that I recently took that will inspire you. :)

And now for a poem that I wrote based on the word “music.”

Frozen in Time, The Beat Goes On

Sparkling glitter and gold,
swaying side to side,
she captures my eyes,
keeping me hypnotized.
Longing for her touch,
wanting to know her name,
my heart beats faster
as I gasp for breath.
The beat goes on.

Music filling my ears,
her body filling my mind.
I dance and dance,
swinging and shaking
trying to catch her eye.
Waiting… longing…
holding my breath,
she looks my way
and I am lost.
Lost in my mind,
frozen in time,
caught in her eyes,
The beat goes on.

Working her way
through the crowd,
sliding and gliding
to be by my side.
She’s grasping my hand,
I’m gasping for air,
but without a care,
she dances,
seducing me with her hips.
The beat goes on.

How can I ever forget
the girl who captured my heart.
The girl like an angel,
but with mischief
in her eyes.
My little witch
who kept my heart beating
as our bodies swayed,
our lips met,
minds collide
on that special night,
our souls touched
and I lost my sight
blinded by love.
The beat goes on.