Random Food Posting

Last month’s Inspirational Circle was food, so i have some random postings for you 🙂  While I didn’t have time to do anything “amazing,” it’s nice to realize how the simplest of foods can appear beautiful under the right circumstances.  It can be pretty melodic.

Here is a simple image of lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl.  The contrasting colors and the juiciness of the tomato makes it very refreshing and appetizing.


refreshing vegetables

This following photo was taken from my camera phone and not under the best lighting, but it deserves to be posted because it’s a sushi called “Little Jenny” (which reflects me) and also tastes pretty good.  This can be purchased at Cha Cha Sushi in San Jose.

Little Jenny

Little Jenny sushi dish

This next image was taken at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse for a friend’s birthday dinner.  The candle on top of the pizookie glowed in the dark and looked magical.

birthday pizookie

birthday pizookie

Now for something interesting, my friend found this link about S’mores Spaghetti, which was pretty awesome.  It’s a new twist to a traditional snack.


s'mores spaghetti


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