Once Upon a Time – Found Poetry

Since this month’s Inspirational Circle was “found art,” I decided to take a shot at writing some found poetry.  I had recently read an article in Entertainment Weekly about the show Once Upon a Time and loved the descriptive words that were used.  With that as my inspirational source, I started to jot down every single word that spoke to me, filling up an entire journal page entry.  It was fun.  I didn’t know where to start, so I started using the words to describe the show itself.  While it’s not one of my deeper poems that I would publish, it was a fun exercise nonetheless.  The next time I attempt to write a found poem, I reckon I will try to use fewer “found words.” 🙂

Portrait of Humanity

Once upon a time,
characters yearned
for happy endings
as they were believers
of childhood fairy tales.

Motivated by love,
boldly hopeful,
they went on a quest
to fulfill their longing,
only to be

They realized humanity
was full of flaws,
tons of drama
and lots of deceit.

by the moral
complexity of life,
they felt cheated and cursed
the narrative
of their childhood
this traditional sentimentality
was far
from the truth.

Life resembled
the acid-tongued soaps on TV
filled with demonic alcoholics
tormented by the repercussions
of their sins, taunted by
the beast within,
about love.

Damsels in distress
don’t find Prince Charming,
but rebels and villains instead.

Over time, their beauty declines,
literally crushing
their sense of identity,
taunted by magic,
incredibly jealous of youth,
a trippier development
reside in the princess’ mind,
resulting in a dark twist
of events, as she tries to tame
the beast
that she has become
and seek redemption
as the anti-hero, who was
blinded by emotion,
simply yearning

For your reference, this was my journal page entry:

found words


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