Nothing in Particular: Part 3 – Prose

The following short story is a flash fiction piece that I wrote back in 2006, which I really enjoyed.  It was based on a previous poem that I had written.  I had always wanted to combine poetry and prose in some fashion.  This piece was also meant to be a sort of vignette, where the images and descriptions speak for themselves without having to have some ultimate meaning.  The reader can take out of it what he will.  After writing it, I realized that it was kind of like a Neil Gaiman piece.

Nothing in Particular

Rain falls in a diagonal motion, wetting ground, watering plants, falling into puddles, making ripples in the pond. Outside, little boys in blue raincoats are chasing paper ships down the waterway. The elderly Mrs. Chan dressed in white, burns paper houses in a black cauldron for her dead husband. It has been a long night. The crow watches a raindrop slip off the golden leaf and disappear with a plop.

A moment of silence, and then the rain pounds harder, like translucent daggers hammered into doors. The crow flies off into the night, passed the children, passed the wooden house, passed the naked slithering worms, into the cemetery with Gothic gates where people are engaged in a ritual dance. Singing, shouting, dancing around and around, arms in the air, with the beating of drums. Crosses, crosses everywhere, there are angels too, all over the tombstones. R.I.P.

The crow flies off, passed the lovers skinny-dipping in the lake with moonlight glistening on their skin, passed the restless, thrashing waves, passed the fallen tree, occasionally dodging the wire-like thunderbolts, only to land on the sill of a barred window at the insane asylum. With his dark little pupils, he watches, waiting, anticipating … the scream.

The woman has her back to him. Her long black hair falls down her thin nightgown in a tangled mess, until the tips touch the floor. She stares at the granite wall, as if mesmerized. She counts: 1, 2, 3, until she reaches 13, and turns around. She is pale with sunken eyes and high cheekbones. There are cracks in her red lips. Upon seeing the crow, she screams and screams and SCREAMS!

Her voice drowns out the drip, drip, drip of the leaking faucet in the corner of the room. Her face is contorted in pain. Her eyes reflect the flickering light of the candle that sits on the nightstand. The crow does not flinch, but simply stares back.

The screaming stops as the woman brings her index fingers to her lips and kisses it.
“Shh …,” she whispers, “breathe in, breathe out.” Her chest rises and falls, rises and falls. All over the world, awake or asleep, people are breathing a harmonious song of nature. She spreads out her arms, as if to fly, and twirls around in circles at a steady pace.

“This is our moment, a special moment in time,” she whispers. She throws back her head and cackles, jumps up and lands sprawled on the floor. She slowly bites her finger until a trickle of blood appears.

“Shh…,” she whispers, gently putting down her bleeding finger on the cold cement. She writes in the flickering candlelight with the crow perched on the windowsill and the moon shining behind. There are no stars tonight, and she is no van Gogh. When her writing stops, she blows out the candle and the crow flies off. What does she write?

Nothing, nothing in particular.


Random Food Posting

Last month’s Inspirational Circle was food, so i have some random postings for you 🙂  While I didn’t have time to do anything “amazing,” it’s nice to realize how the simplest of foods can appear beautiful under the right circumstances.  It can be pretty melodic.

Here is a simple image of lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl.  The contrasting colors and the juiciness of the tomato makes it very refreshing and appetizing.


refreshing vegetables

This following photo was taken from my camera phone and not under the best lighting, but it deserves to be posted because it’s a sushi called “Little Jenny” (which reflects me) and also tastes pretty good.  This can be purchased at Cha Cha Sushi in San Jose.

Little Jenny

Little Jenny sushi dish

This next image was taken at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse for a friend’s birthday dinner.  The candle on top of the pizookie glowed in the dark and looked magical.

birthday pizookie

birthday pizookie

Now for something interesting, my friend found this link about S’mores Spaghetti, which was pretty awesome.  It’s a new twist to a traditional snack.

s'mores spaghetti

A Swan in the Sky

Swan in the SkyWhile driving on the 5 on New Year’s Eve, I caught a glimpse of the setting sun, painting colors in the sky. The bright orange sun halfway below the horizon surrounded by wispy strands of pinks, purples, blues and whites, it was both magical and serene. The thing that really caught my eye was a soft, wispy cloud in the shape of a swan looming above our car. It was like a guardian angel ready to protect us – comforting, soothing, magical…

Send your wishes to the sky

Will your 2012 New Year‘s wishes have a higher chance of coming true if you sent it to the heavens in the sky?  HP believes it would be a success with their Twitter Wisher project.  Anyone who visits the site and tweets using the hashtag ‘#everybody2012′ will have their wishes printed on a balloon and launched from their Dubai headquarters.  It’s a novel and inspiring idea, like how people use to hang their hand written wishes onto trees and stuff them into bottles and send them out to sea.  With HP, each balloon will have a unique code that can be entered into the website for mapping purposes when someone comes across your floating balloon of wishes.  It’s amazing to think that a single balloon, a single wish, can have the possibility of connecting two people from across the world.  Imagine how people use to communicate by sending love letters carried by birds or sent across the ocean in bottles.  Do you think that someone can find love through this project?  As a hopeless romantic, I think it could happen.  🙂  However, balloons may not be so friendly for our environment and wild life.

What if HP reworked their marketing campaign where anyone interested in submitting a wish would enter in their address anonymously.  Then on a certain date/time, HP will print everyone’s wish on postcards and mail it off to another country.  That could be pretty cool. 🙂