Nothing in Particular: Part 2 – Photography

Color, light, perspective and repetition often speak to me and I long to capture that special moment in time.  Often it’s nothing too memorable, but a simple and elegant image that I would find myself rediscovering again years later.  Below are some recent photographs taken in the spur of moment, for no particular reason.

colorful blinds

Beautiful colors from the early afternoon shine through the white blinds to create a romantic scene

romantic lamp

The rhythm and repetition of the blue blinds is a stunning harmonious contrast to the rhythm of the vertical curtain

piano rhythm

The rhythm and repetition of musical instruments is always captivating

piano music

Feel the strumming keys and listen to the music in your mind

Now here are two random photos that I found in my camera taken a few months back, while we were in the Fox Theatre in Redwood City for a company event.

fox theatre

A view of the ice skating rink outside of the Fox Theatre (taken from the library across the street), such a lovely scene

water fountain

Water fountains near the Fox Theatre, the musical harmony of the running water

Last, but not least, I have two photos of a romantic water fountain in New York, near our hotel in Howard Beach.  As we were walking back late at night after dinner, we came across this lovely spectacle.  The glow of the purple lights illuminated this fountain to appear magical and I caught it on my camera phone. A glimpse of it in broad daylight was definitely not as intriguing.

magical fountain

Oh, so elegant

magical fountain 2

Bathe in the purple light and hear the music of the running water