Inspirational Circle #8 – Food

Remember being given a word, an idea or a theme and using that as inspiration?  Remember the excitement that ran through your mind and traveled to your fingertips as your idea came to life?

The Inspirational Circle is back!  This month’s theme is “food!”  Let go of your creative block, and let the Inspirational Circle inspire you.  So go ahead and brainstorm brilliant ideas and share them here with your fellow peers on our Facebook Event!

All creative work will be considered – drawing, painting, photography, poetry, prose, mixed media, sculpture, etc.  If you post the work of others as inspiration, please cite the original source to give the artist credit.  Please spread the word and invite others to join in.

Food is a wonderful subject as you see it multiple times in a day and everyone loves it.  Food is one of the elements that brings people together – strangers, family and friends.  You can never go wrong with food (well, unless it tastes bad).  So go ahead and do cool things and inspire everyone with your thoughts and images of food.  Make us hungry, make us happy, make us sad, just feed us with your ideas of “food.”

While looking up food – I found two really cool websites that I know you would love 🙂
Amazing shots of yummy food –
Cute Japanese food (so adorable) –

Here are also some random photos I got off of Google

In addition, here is a poem that I wrote about German Chocolate Cake.

like no other

sniff, sniff, inhale,
take a whiff
of the sweet aroma,
an addiction
like no other.

the scent of cocoa
drifts in your nostrils
as you tremble
with longing,
with desire,
for the cake
of your dreams.

and gentle
to the touch,
in your hands,
on your tongue
a sensation
like no other.

sandwiched between
layers and layers
of coconut pecan frosting.
cool, crisp, rich,
super, super, creamy,
a burst of flavor
in your mouth.

your taste buds,
your tongue,
a lingering moment
of bliss.
savor it!

shut your eyes,
more, more, more,
you just can’t resist
licking your lips.

licking your lips
in orgasmic pleasure.
no one does it better
than betty crocker.

While looking up German Chocolate Cake, I also came across this website that was pretty cool –