Discovering Fleece

In honor of this month’s Inspirational Circle, I have written a poem inspired by “texture.” I hope you enjoy this simple, elegant piece. 🙂

Discovering Fleece

Soft and warm like fur,
I wrap my blanket around me
like a Tootsie roll.
It falls on the bed with
the softest sound,
light as a feature.

I stroke the blanket
from edge to edge,
feeling the little bumps
and waves that go in and out,
so subtle and so soothing,
like stroking the back
of my loved one’s neck
and feeling the blood vessel,
feeling the pulse.

It’s like running
my hands through pebbles
of sand, feeling rhythmic dots,
swirling and soothing
against my fingertips,
my very own
zen garden.

I wrap the blanket
around my arms,
around my legs
and imagine a puppy
beside me
with fur so soft.

As the fleece brushes my
cheeks, I feel content
and dreamy,
by the softness
that engulfs me
as I fall asleep
on fleece clouds,
drifting away
into Utopia.

Inspirational Circle #7: Texture

Remember being given a word, an idea or a theme and using that as inspiration?  Remember the excitement that ran through your mind and traveled to your fingertips as your idea came to life?

The Inspirational Circle is back!  This month’s theme is “texture.”  Let go of your creative block, and let the Inspirational Circle inspire you.  So go ahead and brainstorm brilliant ideas and share them here with your fellow peers on our Facebook Event!

All creative work will be considered – drawing, painting, photography, poetry, prose, mixed media, sculpture, etc.  If you post the work of others as inspiration, please cite the original source to give the artist credit.  Please spread the word and invite others to join in.

Alright, to get started, here are definitions of texture.  This is a fun theme to experiment with, whether you choose to focus on something two-dimensional or three-dimensional (slabs of paint on canvas, some mixed media work of random material, a sculpture, a descriptive poem, a photograph, a photogram, whatever you choose).  Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary 🙂

Here are some images that I found online that will inspire you.  The first four photos are mine. :)