The Love of My Life

While I was on a plane flying to Phoenix, Arizona, I was inspired by the beauty of the land and couldn’t help falling in love. Since this month’s theme for the Inspirational Circle is “love, romance, passion” – this fits in perfectly.

The Love of My Life

As the sun starts to rise,
I can feel her breath upon me
with the scent of morning dew.

Dancing in the breeze,
she glows with life.

Her hair rustles in the wind,
skirt flowing hypnotically
back and forth, rhythmically
and I am captivated
by her beauty.

Her wrinkled bulldog
skin glows with warmth
and I long to caress
each curve, each bump,
each crevice, touching it,
loving it, knowing it,
controlling it, predicting
her sometimes erratic

as she breaks down
and cries,
shedding inches and inches
of tears
until her clothes
are no longer

When her anxiety is gone,
she smiles once more
and breaks my heart
with her rainbow emotions
and famous mid-day pastels.

Her mix of pinks and oranges
overlapping purples, intertwining
emotions freeze my eyes
with longing and I want to hold her
in my arms, in my memory
under the golden, vanilla

Refreshingly sweet,
she whispers melodies
throughout the night,
calming my nerves
with her gentle voice,
brushing away pain
with a simple sweep
of her hand.

Late at night,
when I’m lost,
she guides me
with her moonlight.

Her sensual curves
of earthly tones
glows with love
as she undresses
before me
and I am struck
with awe.

A twinkle of light
sparkles in her eyes
as she melts
into the night
and I am mesmerized,
knowing, we would never
be one.

Inspirational Circle #2 – Love, Romance, Passion

Remember being given a word, an idea or a theme and using that as inspiration?  Remember the excitement that ran through your mind and traveled to your fingertips as your idea came to life?

The Inspirational Circle is back!  This month’s theme is “love, passion, and/or romance”.  Let go of your creative block, and let the Inspirational Circle inspire you.  So go ahead and brainstorm brilliant ideas and share them here with your fellow peers on our Facebook Event!

All creative work will be considered – drawing, painting, photography, poetry, prose, mixed media, sculpture, etc.  If you post the work of others as inspiration, please cite the original source to give the artist credit.  Please spread the word and invite others to join in.

Alright, to get started, here are definitions of love, romance and passion.

I recently stumbled across Enchanted Vibrations on Facebook and they have the most amazing images of love and magic.  A sample of them are shown below.

Here is a love poem I found online

Camomile Tea by Katherine Mansfield

Outside the sky is light with stars;
There’s a hollow roaring from the sea.
And, alas! for the little almond flowers,
The wind is shaking the almond tree.

How little I thought, a year ago,
In the horrible cottage upon the Lee
That he and I should be sitting so
And sipping a cup of camomile tea.

Light as feathers the witches fly,
The horn of the moon is plain to see;
By a firefly under a jonquil flower
A goblin toasts a bumble-bee.

We might be fifty, we might be five,
So snug, so compact, so wise are we!
Under the kitchen-table leg
My knee is pressing against his knee.

Our shutters are shut, the fire is low,
The tap is dripping peacefully;
The saucepan shadows on the wall
Are black and round and plain to see.

Here is an excerpt from a love story that I wrote a while back.

Daisy looked at him with a blank expression, her fingers twirling around her dress.  Then she looked away from him and into the night sky.  Dennis felt like a jerk, he knew he shouldn’t have asked.  She wasn’t ready for this.  He watched as Daisy looked into the shimmering lake and back at the sky, before her eyes settled back on him.  Dennis’ face froze, he was expecting a slap or a scream, but her hand remained on her lap and her lips were sealed.  Instead, Daisy nodded.  Dennis stared back at her as she whispered, “yes.”

That night, Dennis and Daisy became one.  The moon glistened on their backs as their bodies moved back and forth.  His beating heart was followed by hers, softly and slowly, then faster and faster, rhythmic, a harmonious instrument of nature.

Afterward, Daisy asked, “Did you see stars?”

Dennis shook his head and saw the disappointment in her  eyes.

“Even better, I saw fireflies,” he said.  Daisy smiled as sputters of light flickered before them.  She leaned against him.

“Do you love me?”

“Now and forever,” he whispered.

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Reflection – Imagine What You Could Be

The theme for this month’s Inspirational Circle was “reflection.”  After pondering for some time, I came up with two artistic ideas.  The first idea was to capture the yin and yang of the masculine self juxtaposed to the feminine self.  It is an engaging and controversial topic that I enjoy exploring.  The second idea is to capture a reflection of the self in a more surreal environment, such as a painting.  I hope you enjoy these pieces. 🙂
































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