Puddles of Memory

The theme for this month’s Inspirational Circle is “Dream” and I have written a poem to reflect the ambiguity of dreams by using imagery of rain.  I hope you enjoy this reflective piece as it carries part of me with it.

Puddles of Memory

Gloomy and gray,
it’s refreshingly cool
on an autumn day.

Lost in thought,
I step into puddles
of memories,
deep as the sea,
of all the things
I wanted to be.

Splashes of hope,
splatters of youth,
ripples of anxiety
twirling around
in my puddle
of memory.

of the past,
of the good
and of the bad
side of me.

Sprinkles of tension,
sprinkles of joy,
sprinkles of hypocrisy,
what do you really
expect from me?

Ripples of emotion
from a teardrop falling
into a cascading beauty,
my questioning eyes
as I step
into a puddle
of mesmerizing
the wet,

Knee deep
in splashes of love,
splatters of laughter,
ripples of melancholy,
reflected in
my puddle
of memory.

Dancing in the rain,
I see sprinkles
of you and me,
refreshingly sweet
upon my cheeks,
reflecting dreams
that belong
to you and me.

Dancing in the rain,
laughing freely,
seeing sparkling
crystal raindrops
of reality
kiss me
on the forehead
refreshingly clear,
cold to the touch.
I dance in my puddle
of memory
as the sun comes up
and hugs me.

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