Be Inspired

Are there moments when you walk out into the world and smile as the sun shines upon your face after a week of rainfall?  Do you stop to admire the exotic colors of a flower, the way street lights reflect off wet pavement, or the way he holds her hand and she smiles in his embrace?  These are the silent moments we take for granted that I would like to share with you through art and poetry.

Here on this blog, I will share my musings with you and inspire you to preserve your memories, happy or sad, through various mediums.  Whether you are a writer, a poet,  a designer, an artist, or the just the Average Joe, you will find something here that inspires you to get off the couch and express yourself.  From glass blowing, to cake baking, to photographing amazing places, you can read about it here (soon enough), as well as meet some inspiring people who follow their dreams of making art.

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